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What are the best cesspool treatments?

Owning a house is one thing but having a cesspool is another. It is actually included in the package of owning a new home. When you moved in to your newly purchased house with your family, you’re already aware that you have a cesspool system and not the conventional septic system. Even so, it should still be maintained and cared for properly, much like a septic system is. When you do this, only then would you be able to maximize its use for decades to come. One of the things that you should do to maintain your cesspool is to apply cesspool treatments into it. These are several of the best cesspool treatments will be able to help you maintain a happy household:

1. Ecological Laboratories Microbe-Lift Septic and Cesspool Treatment
This cesspool treatment is for 750 – 1,000 gallon cesspool systems. It is to be used for six months. It has a naturally occurring anaerobic bacterium that reduces odors through the bacterial enzymes they produce.

2. BioMat-X
BioMat-X is a treatment product for cesspools and septic systems. It has at least fifteen trillion bacteria in each gallon that helps restore everything back to efficiency level. BioMat-X is known to be cost-effective and concentrated, which makes it very effective in correcting backed up and sluggish cesspools. If you use this product with Oxy-Cal, the solid wastes and contaminants will be degraded aerobically, thereby increasing the availability of oxygen. This accelerates the digestion of proteins, starches, cellulose, grease, oils, and fats in the cesspool or leach fields. BioMat-X is an aggressive and quick digester of bio-mat accumulation. Because it is a combination of bacteria and enzymes, it is an easy and safe method to use in digesting solid wastes.

3. NT-Max Cesspool treatment
NT-Max Cesspool treatments are cesspool treatments and septic tank additives that are designed to digest solid bio-mat waste and build up that can accumulate in cesspool tanks and septic system restricting the leaching process and the digestion of the organic solids in the system. The all natural beneficial bacterial additive is capable of digesting build up and restoring clogged cesspools and drain fields.

4. AeroClear
AeroClear is a treatment system that can be easily installed in cesspools, grease traps, and septic tanks. Its process of aeration involves using blowers to provide more oxygen into your raw sewage. The facultative or aerobic bacteria then take action by digesting the solid wastes that enter the system. It is very effective in the removal of TSS (total suspended solids) and BOD (biological oxygen demand) from the wastewater

5. BioWorld
This treatment breaks down the cleaning products, sludge, papers, oils, solid wastes, fats, and grease. This enables you to pump less often, eliminate odors, restore leach fields, and make your cesspool last longer.

For years, the use of bacterial treatments used to treat cesspools has long been debated. Most of the cesspool treatments in today’s market promise quick and astounding end results. This leaves you with a very confusing set of choices. The real deal about cesspool treatments is to find out what benefits you, your system, and the environment. As you know, there are inorganic, organic, and biological treatments that you could choose from. When you talk about the organic and inorganic, you usually play with chemical compounds that leave adverse effects in the system or the environment. If you are not careful in handling them, you could even suffer from injuries especially in using strong acids and bases.

Among all these, the biological treatments (those that involve enzymes and bacteria) are the most recommended ones to be used in cesspools and septic systems. With biological treatments, you can be sure that no harsh chemicals are used. This also means that the household and the environment are safe from contamination and toxicity. Enzymes are derived from either plants or animals. You may already be familiar with the fact that enzymes are catalysts in the process of digestion. When enzymes are used in the cesspool, the breakdown of solid wastes is accelerated. But enzymes do not produce bacteria. They only stimulate and enhance the digestive activity in the cesspool. When you pertain to the using bacterial treatments in the cesspool, this means that you will get to increase the number of bacteria in there already.

Remember that even if you chance upon what seems to be the best cesspool treatment, you still have to get your tank pumped out and cleaned if you are experiencing difficulty.

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