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What Causes Septic Tank Systems to Back Up?

A septic tank is one of the prime components of a sewage treatment system known as a septic system. These tanks are common in areas not connected with the sewage pipelines set up by the government or other private organizations. A septic tank forms the major drainage system of many rural areas across the globe. It is a perfect substitute for city’s sewer systems. Improper maintenance of these tanks can lead to backup and therefore, it is very important to check if the tanks are operating efficiently on a periodic basis.

Block lines are one of the major factors responsible for causing a septic tank system to back up. The blockage in lines can occur due to a number of reasons. For instance, flushing down waste materials like tampons, garbage and diapers can cause the tank to back up. Therefore, flush only those materials into the toilet that can pass through the drain without choking the line.

Not many people are aware of the fact that waste produced in the kitchen too is highly responsible for causing the septic tank systems to back up. When you pour a greasy substance down the drain, it hardens and gets accumulated in the septic plumbing and covers the inner surface of the drain. Due to the blockage caused by the hardened greasy material, the other waste that you pour out is not able to pass through very easily.

It is not just the blocked lines causing the septic tank system to back up, as back up can also cause due to some fault in the tank itself. A periodic septic pumping is very important to prevent the tank from backing up. The tank should also contain sufficient number of septic tank bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for breaking down the waste matter present in tank. If your tank does not have a high level of bacteria, the solid waste transforms into sludge and blocks the pipeline.

Septic tank systems back up also occur due to a damage caused in the underground lines that connect to the tank. The damage may be a result of a slight shift in the earth for instance, during an earthquake. You may yourself unintentionally damage the lines if you drive your vehicle across the areas where the tank is buried. 

What should you do when you realize that your septic tank system is backing up? This is the question asked by many people. You first need to check if the problem lies in the lines connecting to the tank or the tank itself. Use a drain rooter and bacterial treatment to solve the problems. If the problems still exists, the fault is not with the lines, but with the tank. In such a case, you will need to seek assistance of a qualified and a professional technician. To keep the septic tank in good shape, it is important to take the necessary measures. Do not overload the septic system. Also, make sure that you do not pour any toxic chemicals into your kitchen sink, as this can kill the bacteria in the tank. Check your toilets and sinks for leaks and drips periodically.

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