Septic tank maintenance

Rainwater can cause overflowing in drain fields

This article was written as a result questions concerning how rainwater can cause overflowing in drain fields. Graduation was one of the happiest moments of your life. Every important person in your life was there. During your graduation dinner, your sister gave you an envelope that was sent by a large construction firm where you sent your application months ago. It was one of the biggest graduation surprises that you have ever received that day because they have accepted you as one of their newest architects. The letter had a project that was already assigned to you. It was the chance that you have been waiting for to prove that you were very good at what you did. Being a cum laude never really meant anything until you applied the things that you learned about. The big question was how rainwater can cause overflowing in drain fields.

Then your father stood up and gave you a small box. He asked you to open it and when you did, two keys were inside. Your mother approached you and held your father’s hand. She told you that the key on the left was the key to your new Chevy and the key on the right was the key to your new condominium. It was situated in a convenient area where you could just drive a few hours to the site and to the office as well. You embraced you r family for giving you such gifts. You promised them that you would do your best in everything that would be given to you. At that moment, having no boyfriend really didn’t bother you at all. You just wanted to make the most out of every opportunity given to you so that you won’t let your family down. Your sister was studying to be an engineer so someday, you knew that there would be a possibility of the two of you working together.

After two weeks, you were already settled in your condo. Everything was going well at the work site when suddenly, it rained hard. You and your team were stranded for a few hours in the site. No one could go anywhere because all that could be seen was rain. You all decided to just stay in for a while until it was okay to drive home. You grabbed at the chance to evaluate the home while the rain poured heavily. You took your time and saw that the drains, toilets, and sinks were backing up. The septic expert had to be contacted as soon as possible. The rain finally stopped and the septic expert arrived. He said that the drain field was overflowing already. This should definitely be attended to or the entire property would be in jeopardy. You took note of what should be done for the drain field overflow to be prevented:

  1. The pump out and treatment schedules should be adhered to so that the sludge could be regularly removed.
  2. Antibacterial solutions, grease, and non-biodegradable materials should not be dumped into the toilets, drains, and sinks.
  3. The gutter should be directed away from the drain field area to prevent excessive water from entering the septic system.
  4. Any structure or vehicle on the drain field area should be removed because the weight could damage the drain field components and cause an overflow.
  5. A dry well should be installed by the septic system to help take care of the water load of the septic system.

 When the septic expert left, your team immediately got to work. The dry well was to be installed after a few days. Meanwhile, the necessary structures were changed to prevent the drain field would not overflow anymore. The heavy rainfall was a great eye-opener for you. It helped you see what was in need of improvement in your project. That house was to be a premier home for a very important client. It was definitely a big break for you because when everything was done and the house was unveiled, the client loved every inch. It was built according to what she wanted. As a result, you earned a bonus and more than a handful of projects from your company. The big question was answered as to how rainwater can cause overflowing in drain fields.

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